Constant shrugging is uncomfortable.


Anyway, today Emms and I went to the Long Tom Grange (my first visit to any Grange, ever), which was a bit of a bust since it was Easter weekend. Ooops. We promised Susan and Sue we’d come back next month, tho.

Then, we went and picked Devona up, went to the library (where I paid a horrendous fee which is ALL MY DAD”S fault, don’t ask, he is SO reimbursing me…) and checked out their Opera section (finally). Got The Mikado (my fav G&S) and Die Zauberflote. …have I mentioned I have extremely ecclectic taste in music? Metallica and Vivaldi on the same iPod, too weird, eh??

I also got the The Bad Beginning, book one in A Series of Unfortunate Events, on CD narrated by Tim Curry. Emms keeps suggesting I try listening to audio books when I knit. So, I am. We’ll see if this works. I prefer listening to music, but I’ll give anything a shot.

Then we on some sporadic errands. BUT, I managed to get another boar bristle hairbrush (thank goodness) and an actual brush and comb. Concept, eh?

Then, after a lackluster lunch, we hit THE COOLEST thrift store in Eugene – S.A.R.A.’s. The Shelter Animal Rescue Alliance. All the profits go to rescuing animals the pound plans to euthanize. They had the coolest vintage and funky goods. AAAAND, I got out of there for under $5. How cool is that?? We also managed to find some extremely trendy goods for Devona and Emms.

Anyway. Back to the aching shoulders. Why do they ache? Because I’ve been knitting a bit too much today. The shell is to 13″, so I need to contemplate some logistics here. And, I ACTUALLY remembered to cast on for the Pacific Northwest KAL!! Here’s what I did tonight:

It’s the Yarn Harlot’s Snowdrop Shawl, made with Knit Pick’s Shadow, “Oregon Coast” – a colourway I am quickly falling madly in love with, it’s just gorgeous. I love all the different shades in it. Now, I am going to check my email and go collapse in my very comfy bed.

Oh, and it appears that I AM winning the war against the ants. Yay.

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