I dunno, lyrics are more intellegible than me right now.

Okay, a revised definition of knitter, thank you to all who submitted suggestions…

n. a person who acts under the compulsion to constantly acquire new yarn and tools.

how’s that? :D

Also, the biannual ASUO Street Faire started today:

Above’s a pic of my favorite vendor, Silk Dragons (whom I’ve been patronizing for, oh, 4 years now). I got a vintage Benghali skirt and silk/wool jacquard shawl today. Well, actually my parents bought them – prolly feeling guilty or something, I dunno. Maybe just plain doting. Anyway. I promise I’ll post pix of ’em tmrw.

If you’re in the Eugene/Springfield area and have time from between 10a – 5p tmrw or Fri, I suggest you stop by. The Faire takes over all of 13th from the bookstore all the way to the EMU. It’s huge and there are some COOL vendors.

I got most of Puck’s trousers serged (well, all, actually) tonight, and just need to finish sewing down 1 full row of fringe and 2 edges. Also, my shell is nearly done on the back. Only 4″ left… must remember to bring new ball of yarn to PHYS tmrw.

I also have some juicy gossip, but daren’t post it online. So, if you know me, email and I’ll let you know. You’d have to be a USFG member to GET any of it… anyway.

I need food. I didn’t leave the shop until 9:30. Last night was at 9, and the night before was 8:30. Anyone else see a horrible trend developing here? Someone save me!

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