Do you ever have those projects that just come together? You barely have to do anything, and zip!, they’re done and better than you could have expected?

I wonder if there’s a Saint or G-ddess involved, sometimes.

My little iPod cozy was exactly like that today. Last night I grabbed a length of purple ribbon (and threw it in my bag, vowing to work on it today), which turned out to match the purple in the sock exactly (wow!). And, when I went to sew it by hand this morning there was a needle already threaded on the CL hand-sewing pin cushion with matching purple thread. Whoaaaaa. It was mind-blowing. Then, there was more of that thread in the Purple drawer to match.

And, when I got home, I found a honking big black button to finish it all off (to cover the snap threads).

Ain’t it cute?

You can’t really see it in the photo, since the flash washed it out, but the pale pink in the sock also matches my headphones perfectly, too. Waaaaay weird.

Must be payback for my good karma or something. Thank’s Emmos for the sock! I love how it worked out :D

And, also weirdly enough, when we did our sewing samples today in class – I didn’t have to rip it all out (not once). Tres bizarre, non?

Here’s the front of the “fall front” trouser sample (think 17-19 century breeches):

And with the front “fallen”. See my perfect placket?! OMG, I need to make an offering up to the sewing G-ddess.

I started a basic sock project last night, to have for lectures. Knee-high fishnets, if they work. I fear taking my lace projects in. Taking notes and knitting lace at the same time isn’t possible for me.

So, yeah. Pix later. I have to wait an hour to find out if I have jury duty tomorrow. Pray for me that I don’t. I’m all for jury duty (I am!), just not in week 8 of classes (eek!). I suppose I could get a lot of knitting done, but imagine how badly I’d fall behind in my classes…

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