(erm, I had no idea when I signed on that this post would be so long – blame the holiday, a nasty email, and some cooler commenters… be forwarned)

I got both sleeves done (while watching Eddie Izzard’s Glorious) and attached them to the body – I’ve started the raglan decrease as well. It’s amazing what I will do to avoid studying my Linguistics morphemes, isn’t it? ;) Well, not really… Onto the sweater:

The yarn is Patton’s cotton boucle, or something. It was a gift, sorta. The sweater should be just right for a healthy newborn. Everyone cross their fingers, or say the Shmah or Om or something, please? Healthy baby = good. A healthy baby girl would be great, then we’d have a pair, but healthy is the key specification right now.

Anyway. Poor Crimson! Have you PM’d your partner? Maybe sent out smoke signals? I love it when people are completely inactive, it’s so hard to “craft stalk” them and all.

Thank you, Ella! I was wondering about hand-basting the velvet, actually :D I’ll definitely drop you a line with any questions. Working in Theater must be cool, tho – do you work with mainly historical costumes? The V & A = The Victoria and Albert Museum? (drool). What kind of archaeology does your sister specialize in? That’s too cool!

I’m really excited about the costume, btw. I should have the full pattern together on Wed (bless J!) and’ll get started on that. I promise to post pix – since I’m using stars and moons batik for my mock-up – wizarding robes, anyone?

… and into ranting, I go…

Dear Anonymous,

As a child of D.C., I want to quote an old ghetto phrase: “Don’t put up, if you won’t step up”. Fuck you and your opinions, especially if you don’t have the balls to sign your own damn name. This is MY blog last time I checked, and hello!, the header readers “The Daily Digest” of moi. Blogs ARE self-absorbed, you twit. And, did you totally NOT see the first line of that post, “blogging is my therapy?”


K, Sorry for the outburst. There, got that off of my chest.

Can you totally tell I’ve been off my Prozac for, like, 2 weeks? I can’t get a refill until I see my doctor again, but she’s only open from 10 – 4 (I’m in class, then!). So, yeah.

I promise I won’t slit my wrists or anything. I’ll just be increasingly bitchy to stupid/ self-absorbed people and stop getting out of bed and stuff.

Right. Anyway.

Guild meeting tomorrow. And, stuff. I’m so tired. I haven’t felt this bad since I had to drop out of high school in MD. Mostly, I realise, I’m terribly lonely. And, part of it’s my own fault. I’ve turned down so many invitations, mostly due to exhaustion or disinterest, that I’ve lost the chance to get closer to many people I know. But, I hate partying until dawn. I hate getting drunk. And, I’m so afraid of getting clingy with the few people I can connect with, that I back off periodically so as not to annoy them. Which, in retrospect, probably seems anti-social.

Sorry. I’ll post something craft related tomorrow. Maybe I can get the little sweater done and pick up my spencer again. My fingers are itching for something more complicated than knit every row.

Also, happy (upcoming) Memorial Day. I’ve known so many veterans that I don’t know where to start with the appreciation. Dad told me all about Audie Murphy, when we caught part of To Hell and Back tonight. Interesting story. The movie was a bit… trite (hey, it WAS filmed in the ’50’s…), but the story was interesting. I think I’ll stick to movies like Saving Private Ryan for WWII right now, tho.

I think I need to end this post now. But, having just found this picture (great blog to stalk, btw), I had to share it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a rabid patriot, but it is lovely in it’s way :)



  1. Anonymous was a total douche, and you are totally within your rights to be peeved.

    Love your blog, and I love that you hate Jean Grey…. rock on.

  2. Hi Sara
    I actually just make Irish dance dresses at present, having taken a few years off from the theatre to do my own art work ( of course I ended up working full time for my friend who was just getting her business of the ground http://www.paddyk.com ) I will be heading back to do 2 shows this fall though, The Graduate and Beauty and the Beast. I mostly specialise in millinary and accessories although I started as a seamstress and worked my way up! There isn’t too much call for period work these days, too expensive.
    My sister used to specialise in metals but now works at Hornimans Museum, which has a wide range of collections.
    The baby sweater’s really cute, I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  3. That’s the cutest baby sweater. Where did you find the pattern because I think I need to find one that doesn’t involve sewing the whole thing together.

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