The sox are cast on, and looking good. I am taking a momentary break from them:

The yarn is so soft knit up. Yummy. I nearly have mata‘s Learn to Spin kit ready. yay! Now all I need to do is panic over the POTC swap. yoohoo.

In the politics section, Mum wanted to know about a story she’d seen on NBC, so I tracked in down on YouTube for all us to snigger at Bush at. I wouldn’t want a massage from him either :P

As for International News, I am SO angry at Israel right now. They are being completely counter-productive. It’s like they WANT to be attacked by the Arab countries around them. Which isn’t true, as we all know. Don’t send me hate-mail. I know, I know. But, it’s ridiculous. This whole thing is all about destroying as much of Hezbollah as they can, and NOT about retrieving kidnapped soldiers (who, let’s admit it, are probably dead). And it’s getting innocent civilians killed on BOTH sides. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Another aspect of this that REALLY REALLY pisses me off is all the media coverage it’s getting. A half a million people were/ are still being killed in Darfur, and there was almost NO media coverage. But every cable news channel is focusing ALL their energies on this stupid conflict. I watched CNN/, HNN, NBC, and BBC off and on today. BBC was the only channel that covered other stories than the Israeli-Lebanon conflict and Bush’s visit to the NAACP. There’s no significance in that at all, I’m sure.

People suck sometimes. I’m in a bit of a mood, I admit it. I hurt all over, my bones ache. I’m wondering if I’m sick or something. The migraine isn’t helping either. Just shoot me. Sitting in front of a computer, writing tiny block print applications, and knitting sox are not conducive to migraine-prevention.

And, here’s something that’s been nagging at me for a a couple of days. It’s completely stupid and ridiculous, I know, but it bothers me. Anyone who knows me well, knows I am an anime freak. FMA and Inuyasha are my two main draws. The music to Inuyasha sux in a way one cannot even describe. Most anime music does, I long ago accepted that. But, then Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA) came out. The entire soundtrack is in Russian and Japanese. And, because of the huge popularity of the series, the producers are translating the songs. I only found this out because I belong to several anime communities that track upcoming releases, etc. And, someone posted the new version of one of the songs. Just, ick.

Can you honestly tell me that this (“Brothers”) is better than this (Brat’ja)? The original was sung by a Russian children’s choir – how can you top that? Seriously. I bet you can’t. Don’t blame me for the YouTube. It’s ALL ‘Leda’s fault. She keeps sending me these reallyreally weird AMVs to watch. Like Big Gay Roy. I don’t know how she finds these things, but she does. Then she sends them to me.

Anyway. Thanks, guys! I haven’t got the job (or even an interview) yet. But, I’m glad some people have faith in my weaving abilities :D

I’m off to go and knit those sox now.

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