It’s one of my favorite quotes ever. Especially since it completely describes the evening I just had. I’m still debating with myself whether I should have gotten out of bed this morning.

I met Emily late, because someone-who-shall-remain-nameless arrived home late and took forever doing nothing to get around (and men complain that women are never ready), and so we (Emmos and I) set out to get food late. The class was supposed to start at 6, and we were leaving to find dinner at 5:45. And this is where the trouble began. We couldn’t get dinner on campus, and thus went searching the surrounding area for a take-out place that wasn’t scary. We settled on Burrito Boy. Which turned out to be a bit of a mistake, mostly for reasons that make no sense to me. The food was fine. It’s always yummy.

No, as we were leaving the parking lot, food in boxes on my lap, we heard a strange sound. Like metal or plastic scraping the pavement. We pulled into the nearest lot and got out. It was a flat tire. And not just any flat tire, oh no. There was a bit of metal that was an inch wide, and g-d only knows how long, imbedded in the tire – causing it to deflate at a rapid rate. See Emmos’ blog for a pic of this thing. She’ll prolly have a pic of it up in a day or two.

A quick search of the trunk revealed that Emmos had, indeed, lent her socket wrench and lift to her mom (don’t ask me why) – so I couldn’t change the tire. Yes, I would have. It would have been my third to date. I WAS a Girl Scout, and my Mum likes to drive Off-Road.

Anway. So, we called Aargvark to have him bring us the requisite materials. Which, after a quarter hour (we ate our dinner while we waited), proved not to fit right. Fun. Then I called *my* Dad (he used to race and looooves cars, y’all) and asked *him* to bring his rescue kit. After a half hour he showed up. Within another quarter hour we had the tire changed and were on our way back to the class. And I got to prove my usefulness by finding the correct size of the bolts :D

So, in the end, we were an hour late for class and a bit dirty. But, overall, it could have been worse, I suppose. Just, a lesson for all, always have a tire iron/ socket wrench, and lift on you! And maybe your driver’s manual.

By the end of class, I had maybe 20″ woven. Maybe. I think I have another 8 or so to go. Maybe 10″. It’s looking lovely. Another rule: always carry a camera on you. I didn’t get any pix of the scary metal thingy or of my weaving progress.

So far, I haven’t heard from my sister yet. We’re still waiting. Thank you Bon and Nicole! Maybe more news will come tomorrow…

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