Currently posting to distract myself from the horribly tempting scent of enchiladas baking in the oven. I haven’t eaten anything today, but since the dinner thingy is supposed to start in, like, 1/2 an hour I don’t think I should eat anything. And it smells too yummy. My stomach is so growling at me. (sigh)

Guild was cancelled today. Too much trouble. No one seemed disappointed, which makes me wonder about things. But, eh. I’m paranoid.

Peninah gave me an idea, which I have attempted to implement. She had a list of books to read this summer, among which was Harry Potter à l’école des sorciers (HP#1 in French). One of my Latin professors once recommended that I read a familiar book in a language I want to learn to make comprehension easier. So, I’ve requested Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal from my local library. If this works, I may just read the whole series in both Spanish and French. It’s worth a shot. The EPL actually has HP in over a half-dozen languages. Kinda cool. I wish they had Pride and Prejudice (the book actually recommended to me) in French or Spanish, but eh. I can practically lip-synch HP as well.

I guess for the Italian, I can just read all those bloody books I picked up in Italy – I reference them all the time, which is probably why I can handle Italian better than French or Spanish. I’d love to be fluent in another language by the end of the year, if possible. Spanish or French would help with the Peace Corps.

In Knitting News, I have one panta done. Well, I’ve finished knitting it. I still need to dye it, block it, and sew it together. But, the knitting part is done. I’m halfway thru the second one. It’s kinda funny, I got so much quicker at knitting them after writing the pattern down. The IYP3 Swap socks are coming along. I have the lace pattern completely memorized – which is a bit freaky. Once I get past the heel, I know it’ll go quicker. I just need to knit another 2″ and then I’m onto the heels, thank goodness.

Oh, Emmos, I found some yarn that’ll be perfect for me to make another owl – and standardize the pattern – so I’ll try and have the snowy owl pattern done by the end of the month.

B, Dad’s friend, just called. So it sounds like I can eat soon… yummy. Oooh, Sharpe’s Challenge is on tonight. The BBC is worse than crack, y’all. It is. I don’t know how I’ll live without it once I move out.

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  1. glad to be of help. i started this years ago first reading le petit prince. it helps if you know the story (i also did it the reverse and read the stranger when i was assigned l’etranger but i digress).

    what i need to do is find it on audio book. i understand written word so much better than aural.

    bbc? pure liquid crack (along with mercedes lackey, see book post in a few minutes) … it’s the reason why we still have satellite instead of cable b/c the good cable company (er, that’s wrong, no cable company is good) but the one with better channels doesn’t come out to our apartment. *sigh*

    hope dinner was yummy.

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