Today I got all sorts of housework done, and I am now beginning to feel like a stay-at-home mom. Seriously. I’m the only person in the house who keeps track of everyone’s perscriptions, keeping the fridge stocked, and the laundry clean. I’m too young for this!

But, just as I was about to start my third load of laundry today, I noticed that Charlie (the family dog) was sniffing something across the floor. It turned out to be a spider big enough to … lemme see… not fit on a quarter. (shudder). It took me a while, as the little bastard kept hiding under the molding, but I got it.

Then Dad came home and sulked whined snarled about being the family taxi driver when I informed him of Mum’s delivery request. So, whilst looking for the goods (which I was right – none in the house, despite what she claimed over two phone calls) I made the mistake of looking up at the basement ceiling. There was ANOTHER bloody spider and this one was even bigger than the first! This one took even longer to kill as it was ON THE CEILING and I’m only 5’3″.

After killing it and all that I vowwed that I am NOT, under any circumstances, going back down into the basement again tonight. It bears mentioning that the washing machine, dryer, and other implements of housecleaning are housed down there. Too bad. I decided that I need to knit for a while. And guess what? I actually FINISHED a sock of doom!

I even woved in the ends and everything. It took me one run of BBC World News, two episodes of Without a Trace, AND Project Runway (YAY! Michael’s still on, btw) to finish it – but the point IS that it’s finished. (much rejoicing). Now all I have to do is force myself to knit another one, or at least start it, anyway.

And, I tried it on (my target is a size 8, I’m a 7, so it was a bit loose) to discover whether or not it was scratchy. In my opinion, no. It doesn’t even come close. But, I guess I could be wrong or whatever. At least it’s pretty to look at. Worst comes to worst, my target could wear it over a pair of cotton socks (I do this in the winter for warmth, anyway).

So. That’s that. I haven’t knit a single stitch on my SKB today, nor one on the lace shawl or Mum’s sox. I did a job search and let’s not even go there. It hardly matters anyway, since I left the results in the basement. At least I don’t have to think about resumes, or anything else unrelated to knitting, until tomorrow.

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