“What I say is that, if a fellow really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow.”
A. A. Milne (1882-1956)

Another congregant brought baked potatoes to the potluck, too. The Shul was veryvery rich in potatoes. So are we, as well. I liked your suggestion Stephie, but worry about the poisonous aspect. I’ll mention it to my ‘rents, though.

And, Bon, I do hope I’ll have to eat my words (well, a bit) but doubt that the Dems could get it together to get a toaster elected. Oy.

I need to vote. Must remember. Also, must find ballot.

Aside from managing to crawl out of bed and go daven today (on 5 hours of sleep, I might add) I also got my hand-eye coordination together enough to spin the rest of that OF&F mystery batt up and ply it (note to self: take it off sidebar). Here’s a pic of the middle stages:

The spindle tricked me, I tell you. It kept whining about the fact that the yarn was making it heavier and harder to spin. So, I capitulated (my hands were crabbing, too, traitors) and wound it off and plied it before spinning the rest up. Only to find out that 2/3’s of the batt had gone into the first skein, and likely the last 1/3 would have made it onto the spindle. It lied to me!

Evil little monster. It’s going to get stuck in the stash. Or maybe I’ll use it on boring spinning to teach it a lesson. Mystery batts are a priviledge, not a right.

I also spun up some more Karaoke (the neverending supply of top is another story), started a mitten for the Dulaan Project (yes, I know a child needs two of ’em) and discovered something. It’s almost groundbreaking in it’s simplicity.

I. Am. An. Idiot.


I am (would I lie to you?)

See, I picked up every single edge stitch on Mum’s shawl to knit together with the border. But, I didn’t stop to calculate, or think, in any way. Because I only need half of the edge stitches, since the border is only joined with the shawl every other row.

So, when the edging began to look like this:

I realised my mistake. So, I just spent a half hour (turn your iPods to a violin solo right about… now) ripping it out the border and picked up stitches, and then picking up the correct number.

Ohwell. I think I want to spin some of Shawn’s fleece now. Or maybe some alpaca. Something brainless… Cuz, I clearly haven’t mastered the use of mine. At least I’ll have some pretty yarn to show fror it, right?

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