“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”
Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

Alpaca and lace would definitely fit Wilde’s bill, I think. And mine as well. I’m crap at taking photos (this is why I bribe TheBon with cranberries), but every so often I manage to knit something worthwhile, if only to myself. Lately, I am very pleased with this:

Again, I’m crap at photography, but here’s it on my left hand:

As I like to, ah, tweak things (pattern? what pattern?), I accidentally changed the lace (no longer “Campanula”, but… “bell”-ish?). But it definitely works. I’m halfway thru making it’s match. I’m quite pleased with myself; if only because it fits, is soft and warm, and looks like it would have been worn by Queen Victoria I after Albert’s death. Gotta love the black lace.

So, yeah. If someone actually tells me they want the pattern, I shall make every endeavor to write it out (*guilt* hopefully in less time than it took me to write up my panta pattern…). Ye-ah. Anyway. I spent a large chunk of tonight’s Channukah festival knitting the 2nd mitt (Dad and I got to man the food table), where my soup was terrifyingly popular (they want mooore) and we ran out of latkes.

I only got one :(

Among the first to arrive and the last to leave, Dad and I were exhausted when we got home and actually got into a fight over who had to get up and put Lady in the Water in the DVD player.

Dad lost.

Movie review? Fan-fricking-tastic. I LOVE M. Night Shyamalan. LOVE his work. This one was just beautiful and just so perfect. Even adults want to believe in fairy tales, he’s right in that. I hate to say it, but the movie was almost tender. I just love his work. And, it’s something children can definitely watch. Shyamalan compared it to a mix of E.T. and The Princess Bride (among others), and I think it’s definitely somewhere in there. I particularly like his usage of old folk tales in the story – references to water nymphs and other elemental forces. Just fantastic.

I don’t understand movie critics at all, since they panned it, but I loved it. Mum and Dad were speechless at the end. And thus, I was triumphant (since I had watched it the night before and refused to tell them the end or plot twists).

During the movie, I decided that I wanted to work on clapotis. There are 3 corners now!! Sooooo close to finishing it. Here’s a weird shot I couldn’t resist taking:

It sorts looks like I was knitting by candlelight, doesn’t it? Er, not quite.

Anyway, that’s about everything. I didn’t finish “that Judaica thing” by this evening, as you likely guessed, but it was raffled off and I promised the winner I’d contact her when it was completed. So, yeah. I’m onto the second row of embroidery duplicate stitching, so that’s progress.

I won’t even talk about the festival tonight, because it’d just make me angry and frustrated again. I’m glad it worked out and didn’t totally collapse, but it was still crazy and … oy.

Beside the point. Happy Solstice!

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