“Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit.”
Oscar Wilde

And intelligence, too. Because, were I intelligent, I wouldn’t have managed the spectacular yarn mess I created today without even noticing it for a block. I walked to St M’s house today, to lounge a bit before we ran some errands, and then to TKS. On the way to St M’s, the ball of yarn I was knitting from fell from my bag. I noticed this about a block later, at approximately here:

I looked back and there stretched at least 30 feet of yarn from the project in my hand to the ball of yarn in the street.

Oh, yes, I am the height of sauve.

So, I muttered obscenities that I shan’t repeat here and went back to fetch the ball of yarn. It is worth mentioning that several cars slowed down to peer at the strange girl winding a ball of hot fuscia yarn right off of the pavement.

I can’t say as I blame them.

This was my kosmic payback for laughing at St M’s yarn catastrophe a few months ago.

Anyway, things worth noting? I walked 2.5 mi today. I had to rip out the project I was knitting from the fuscia yarn, because I don’t have enough. I’ve decided I need one of these (it’s on my Stitches West wist) to prevent future catastrophes. We bought the movie KRRISH:

A movie I don’t recommend you try knitting anything other than stockinette whilst watching. It’s 3 hours of pure Bollywood Cracktasticness. I managed to royally screw up a spiral ribbed hat during the last 1/2 hour. Oy. I fixed it during the closing credits.

If you like Bollywood, I definitely recommend this movie. It’s so… well, it. I haven’t the words.

I guess that’s about everything. I’m thoroughly exhausted. I’ve been very bad to myself today (I had a cookie for lunch) and should go to bed. Nightnight.

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