Quick update:

  • Finally switched to new Blogger. (May Hashem have mercy on me.) I’ll probably spend the next several hours (figuratively, since I’m sleeeepy) putting labels on posts.
  • Ankle still reallyreally hurts. I mean, really really. Mum suggested that I might have a hairline fracture
  • Big sis A called parents to harass them into letting me (finally!) drive their new car, so I can pass my exam (I just need to master parallel parking, and… uh… breathing evenly) and drive while they’re out and about.
  • I finally picked up La Primavera again. And in a moment of foolish bravado, I actually ripped out the two lifelines I had in place before putting in another (so far the Knitting G-ds haven’t punished me for this infraction yet).
  • I gave up on spinning the yarn for my partner’s magic yarn ball (I tried treadling with only one foot tonight, which was only slightly disastrous) and dug in the stash and found a suitable alternate. Thank goodness for The Stash.
  • I actually picked up the Dalebarn sweater of Doom, before coming to my senses and stuffing it away again.
  • I have to help paint Emmos’ new house this weekend. That’ll be interesting.

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