Okay, I admit it. I wasn’t looking forward to the train-ride home. To be honest, I was dreading it. But, now I think I’d rather be on that damned train.

Last night, about 4 hours before I was due at the station, I started feeling reallyreally nauseous. A and I shrugged it off, blaming the car and baby T’s crying. I drank some coke, took some TUMs, and we went to dinner. I ordered something mild. I avoided the spicier bits, too. I still felt a bit nauseous, but ignored it.

As A and I were waiting (the train was going to be late) and trying to contact a real person at Amtrak (good luck), the nausea suddenly got worse. So, we decided that I was going to miss my train and go lie down in a dark room.

Soo, here I am, under quarantine and feeling really gross.

At least I have my knitting, eh?

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