The felting part was easy. I am lazy and shouldn’t be left to scientifically DO anything. I just threw the tricorn in the wash for a cycle, forgot about it, threw it in the dryer, and then declared it done after about 30 minutes of rolling around in hot air.

It’s a wonder I even made it past the Scientific Method, isn’t it?

Anyway. It came out perfectly felted. The next part, the really tricky step, was shaping the bloody thing. Getting the three horns (or at least two of them) even is something the ancient Greek geometricians would have cringed at. But, finally, after nearly an hour of pinning, unpinning, repinning and the first 15 minutes of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Mum declared this ‘good’:

(yes, the front horn is wonky, this is due to the T-pin holding it in place)

I decided to go with the a slightly earlier time period than POTC – late Baroque/ very early Rococo. So, the front horn is a bit longer and pointer than the back two. The top curves are gently scooped inward, and the back third is a little bit lower than the front two. I still don’t have a plume (BLAST! I forgot that!), and haven’t sewn on the trim I bought for it – aubergine ribbon and gold braid. I plan on having it done for the show tomorrow night, even if I go in jeans.

The hat WILL be done. Hopefully it’ll be blocked (or semi-blocked tomorrow), so I won’t have to do too much tacking with a needle and thread.

I have some small knitting news. I finished ONE of my Top Secret projects, right before I had to leave for Homework Club. Which went well, all things considered, since there were 5 kids and just Emmos and me between them. I managed to cover Spanish, Health, and Fractions pretty evenly, I hope.

And, that’s about all. I need to find my bodice and work some repairs on it. It’s not even remotely Baroque or Rococo – try early Renaissance. But I doubt anyone will notice.

Maybe I will just wear the hat and some jeans…

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