It turns out that our house is not invisible to the eyes of mail carriers, in a different dimension, or “VACANT 1506” as previously claimed.

Right now you’re thinking: “What?”

Oh, let me explain. I ordered a pattern, Titania’s Revenge (to use with my lovely lovely Puck’s Mischief), from Blue Moon a fortnight ago. I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, when I returned home after BSG, I emailed them – wondering where the heck my pattern was.

I imagine it was sitting in their office, flocked by similiar parcels of patterns or yarn, waiting for a ‘correct’ address. Apparently the mail carrier had deemed our house “VACANT 1506” (whatever that means), the pattern undeliverable, and sent it back to Blue Moon. I was told that if I gave them an acceptable address, they’d send it to me (and charge shipping fees again).

I explained that, no, our house isn’t vacant – erm, we’ve been residing here for, what, like, 3 weeks-ish? The furniture has been here at least that long. And that I’ve received several packages at this address without a problem – clearly the mail carrier who is responsible is delusional.

The very nice customer service person offered to send it again (free of additional charges), but asked for the names of the other people in the house – so that there’d be no excuse for USPS to turn it back again. Her clever plot worked and my new pattern arrived this afternoon:

Now I just need to get my Addi’s free (3″ to the toes!), and I can start on ’em.

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