I’m still a die-hard cuff-down sock knitter, but I have been wanting to expand my knitting repertoire (esp. in relation to socks) for some time now. So, at 2 am last night, I challenged myself to write a toe-up pattern and actually knit it for my Sockdown: August project (raverlry thing).

Well, sorta.

Last night, as I was crawling into bed, a sudden wave of inspiration hit me (which is why I spent then next hour or two scribbling in my knitting journal and now have one less eraser). By 3 am I had a design for the two skeins of Cotton Comfort I’d bought.  Along with several other patterns that aren’t important at the moment.  Anyway…

Don’t ask me why, since I surely don’t know, but these socks are named Geraldine:

Geraldine - CO

At the moment I have almost 6″ of the first sock done, which was achieved while watching a series of truly terrible movies (Mom and Dad Save Earth and Ghost Rider to name a two).

Other progress to report? All the patterns on the blog have been converted to PDF, as has the Socktoberfest tutorial (albeit badly). Also, the heel flap is finished and the gussets started on the second Slightly Twisted sock. I even printed a chart this afternoon for Geraldine’s instep, using this cool chart maker. I’m planning on making a chart for the heel next.

And that’s about everything. Time to chart that heel, methinks.


  1. Nice new site! Have to update my link now… Speaking of socks, have you seen Kat Bordhi’s (sp? anyone?) New Pathways for Sock Knitters. It’s absolutely bizarre. I think Jean’s (boss Jean) in love with it.

  2. When inspiration strikes, it is important to write it down then. Because you know if you say,”I’ll remember it later”, you never will. but you WILL remember thinking “I’ll remember it later”. Which will drive you nuts! Glad to see you are getting it done!

  3. the geraldines look so pretty already! looking forward to the pattern.
    I also love your Baudelairs (they are making me rethink the yarn i had tagged a while ago to be my Baudelairs!) and I am soo jealous of the socks Opus made for you! Don’t suppose she would share the pattern specifics . . .. . would she????

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