One: bad karma. Two: ignored the pattern reviews. Three: I’m just that stupid in general.

One: I shouldn’t be knitting anything other than Project #3 right now, and I know it. It’s just… the yarn was there and looking pretty and I still had more than half the skein left after knitter a pair of mitts (pic later).

Two: plenty of people have kvetched online that Calorimetry is too large. I’ve seen it a million times. Yet I CO as the pattern dictated. Sono stupida.

Three: even though it’s huge and I’ll have to frog it, who CO something without checking their yardage first?

I totally got what I deserve, which is why I’m ripping this:


As soon as I can bear to, anyway. I think I’ll work on Project #3 for awhile. I made a bunch of progress on the sleeve this afternoon and should work on the body tonight. Maybe I’ll finish all those bloody cables in the next 24 hours. Unlikely, but entirely possible. Especially since Mum got a studio and won’t be around to distract me…

Okay, that still leaves two relatives and a dog, but Emm’s sworn he’s locking himself in his room to study and Dad… well, I’ll think of something.


  1. I too ignored the pattern reviews, to be honest I didn’t even think to look at them. I made two of these though and really like them both, but on the second one i used smaller needles and it helped a little. I did make an adjustment to it though since every time you make a short row on this one you get a hole i used two buttons and made it tighter by putting the first button through the hole i needed ti to be to be tiht enough and the second further back to secure the end that would have hung otherwise, I’m kinda someone who doesn’t like to frog so i fix it if i can first. Hope this helps a little at least.

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