Wow, has it been four days already? Umm, yes, it has. Bad blogger. No cookie.

The chocolate crawl went well on Sunday. So well I forgot to take pictures. The chocolate fumes were befuddling, what can I say? It was glorious. We spent over 2 hours at Cacao. Which I simply must insist any visitors to PDX visit. We also spent close to 2 hours at Pix on Hawthorne. I love Pix with a deep and abiding devotion. Every town should have a Pix. Or two.

The next day was the first official meeting of Knit/ Purl’s sock knitters group:


It was surprisingly well-attended. As T put it, “I thought there’d only be 5 knitters, including us 3!” I have to admit I thought the same thing, but we were wrong. This might have also contributed to the fact that I had to run downstairs and get more chairs 3 times. My goodness. No wonder my knee ached today.

Today was wonderfully, sublimely, simple. I nearly jinxed it by mentioning this fact the D, but managed to stop myself on time. P and I made this mistake yesterday, to our decided woe. Never tempt the g-ds. They are always listening.

And that is nearly everything. I am soooo close to finish Project #3 and the cash-socks. It’s taking me so long because I have so little time to knit now :( AND because Project #3 is so heavy my hands cramp after any length of time. Slow and steady it goes.

But, I rewarded myself last night, and bought a ball of Noro Kureyon sock yarn – even though I had sworn against it – and 2 skeins of luscious Art Yarns silk and beaded silk – for a future, unnamed project. Thus, the positive reinforcement. And now I must get back to the knitting.


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