4 boxes of tissues,
3 doses of NyQuil,
2 Sick Days off of work,
and a partridge in an infected tree.

G-d help me. I had to leave work early on Thursday – my throat felt like I was trying to swallow razor blades. Friday morning I croaked in sick. Today I woke up covered in goo. No, I did not care to analyze what the goo was.

Urgh. I’ve been quarantined by the family. It was almost amusing watch them cower on the other side of the room from me, trying to avoid the Infection Zone. So, I’ve had an entire couch to myself – which is no mean feat in a 1600 sq-foot house – and, well, yuck. I actually had the thought today that I’d rather be working overtime than out sick with this.

Life sucks.

The only things keeping me from killing myself?

  • the Heroes marathon on G4
  • I still haven’t seen The Dark Knight (and at this rate, never will)
  • There’s only 15″ of sleeve between me and a finished sweater
  • I can’t die without knitting the stash (unless I can have it buried with me?)
  • I still haven’t gone to Africa or the Galapagos.
  • And, uh, I have no clean clothes to be buried in*

Never even mind all the work that’s unfinished and the socks and garments I haven’t designed yet.

Time for my NyQuil. Being sick on the weekend isn’t fair. But, on the bright side, I got a present from Penny today – a handknit washcloth. Thank you, Penny! I’m, uh, not going to touch it (or much of anything, really) until I’m safe for human contact again, but I reallyreally appreciate the thought :)

Maybe, if I’m really lucky, it won’t hurt to talk tomorrow…

*okay, that’s an exaggeration. I have no clean clothes I’d want to be buried in.


  1. well, feel better… that is the only way to get out to the movies! I think that not only is it crappy to be sick on the weekend, but also in the summer!!

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