You know when you get so far behind on work or chores or, well, anything that you contemplate just giving up the project entirely?  Well, I’ve been fighting that kind of futility a lot this week.  A last-minute newsletter, tardy blogging, negligent correspondence and a load of other stuff have been getting to me.

Some few things have sustained me, though.  The knowledge that Coraline, quite possibly my favorite Neil Gaiman novel (I’m weird, I know), will be in theatres soon has been quite heartening.  Especially when I saw Amy’s posts on the Knitty blog about the fun website to play with and the cool made-in-Portland (I love this town, btw) boxes that are circling the net.  Just awesome.

So, tonight, after getting one of my goals accomplished, I decided to indulge (c’mon, you know you want to!).  Unfortunately, that meant battling my laptop’s webcam, which I never really bothered to learn about.  Sooo… I took about five billion confused ‘huh?’ photos…

webcam difficulties

before getting one that would work for the  B-B-B-button Game. But, eventually, my inner-geek connected with the webcam and made it work. Hence, I am ready to meet the Other Mother:

my coraline

Thank goodness, too. I was afraid my geek status was going to be taken away.


Of course now I have to go back to being responsible and answering emails and knitting socks for Gina, the store’s very patient mail-carrier who never complains about all the incorrect stuff we do, postal-wise.  This task might have been further along if I hadn’t overestimated her shoe size by two full sizes.  Oy.  That meant a lot of ripping, which was rather counterproductive I must say.

But, to prove to you that I am knitting stuff and designing and still trudging along, here’s my Malabrigo Sock:


But, uh, to finish this ‘un I actually have to find that sixth DPN Lantern Moon included because I broke one. Sad. And, yes, this is a new design. And, yes, it should be written up. I promise. I have some really cool plans for the heel and cuff. Stay turned.

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  1. i’m behind on writing too, so i hear you there.

    i finished PhD apps (hopefully the *second* time’s a charm) on friday morning, all bloody 14 of them, which had been precluding my writing.

    i hope things calm down for you, the holidays should be a time to relax and recuperate.

    take care of yourself, Sara. and don’t get snowed in either! i’m coming up to oregon in a couple of days and i hope it’s not *too* bad.

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