It seems like I’m always short on time these days.  The blog, my design work, and even day-to-day stuff have really been suffering lately.  Hopefully, once TNNA is over and past, I might just have more time to do the fun stuff like blogging and knitting and (oh) cooking and maybe even not-so-fun stuff like laundry (it’s embarassing how many shirts and shorts/ skirts I’ve had to buy in the last two weeks so I wouldn’t have to go to work in rags or a Halloween costume).  Oh, well.

Anyway.  It seems like I’m always stealing time from something else – I knit instead of eating dinner, or work instead of knitting, etc.  Just so’s we’re clear on the title of this post and all y’all don’t think I’m getting more off in the head than normal.

In the next couple of weeks, I’m hoping to have a sock pattern that will need test knitters.  It’s for a US 7, 7.5-8″ foot circumference and I’m thinking of submitting it to somewhere – so I will need very studious test knitters.  Any volunteers?

Before I can get to that, though, I have to finish three commissioned patterns and all the graphic design stuff I’ve promised for TNNA and the like.  I bet you never knew I was a graphic artist.  It’s because I’m not, but I’m all we have.  Oy.

Not that I’m not doing fairly well, I just have the nagging suspicion that someone who’s been trained in Photoshop and InDesign would do better.

Eh. It functions.

I have good news.  I’ve been promoted.  Or will be, as of July 1st.  I begged to have some time to finish current tasks before starting new ones.  See?  I’m learning.

And that’s about everything.  In short.  I haven’t run off with the French Foreign Legion (I wish) or been kidnapped by aliens (which could be interesting in a Farscape kind of way).  Mostly, life is pretty darn dull around here.  Oooh, are any of you far-reaching readers going to be in Portland for Sock Summit?  I’d love to meet up with you!  It’s always nice to put faces to commentors ;D

Wow, it’s after eleven.  I have to get ready for bed.  Tomorrow’s going to be another late night.  ‘Til after TNNA, stay cool!


  1. Um, I’d love to be a test knitter for you, if’n you still need one. Just let me know! I’m Cristi-Lael on Ravelry

  2. Nice to see a post! I am back into socks right now if you need test knitters, my foot has a 7.5 circumfrence (although my foot length is very short).

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