Gah.  Stepping away from my desk (figuratively) to write a quick post on my Droid [have I mentioned how much I love my phone… lately?]. 

Going through the final proof of the upcoming new release, Shibui Heichi, aaand my brain is drbbling out my ears. 

Fun, eh?

It (the manuscript) goes to press tomorrow, so my eyes are blurring after reading through it so many times.  I really don’t know how publishers do it.

But, on an AWEsome note, that cover photo?  That’s my Shadow vest pattern!  And we added itto ravelry today, so knittas can see all the fun details that had me pulling out my hair mere months ago.

But now I must go back to work.  This posting via phone is actually kinda cool – here’s hoping it actually works when I hit ‘publish’.

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